Dermatologie am Luisenplatz is a specialized medical clinic offering health services on General Dermatology, Dermatooncology, Allergology and Dermatosurgery, being localized in the center of Postdam. All our diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with skin disease are based on and reflect current scientific knowledge. Prof.Dr.Dr.Christoph Geilen, former Vice-Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Berlin Medical School – Charité, and his team, provide updated services tailored to the patient´s individual needs.


Inflammatory Skin Diseases
Psoriasis  is the most common inflammatory skin condition that may strongly interfere with life-quality. Recent findings on the pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease and the reasons causing its clinical manifestation have lead to the development of new effective therapies, also applicable in out-patients.

Acne and Rosacea are common inflammatory disorders of the sebaceous gland. Acne primarily affects the face, chest and back, whereas rosacea in mainly limited to the face as a light-exposed area, showing erythema, inflammatory papules and pustules. Using updated therapeutic agents, acne and rosacea can be treated gently and effectively, thus restoring smooth and healthy skin.


Skin Cancer
The development of the so called white skin cancer is an increasing worldwide problem, however, the condition can be treated effectively in almost all cases, if early diagnosed. Melanomas are subject for special care, also requiring individual advice and regular visits for prevention. The frequency of skin cancer prevention examinations is recommended by us based on the patient´s individual skin profile, as evaluated at the first visit.

Today, skin cancer can be treated through surgical interventions and modalities to stimulate the innate immune response, also using biomolecular approaches and the use of light sources in photodynamic therapies.


Allergic conditions such as hay fever, food intolerances, contact dermatitis and atopic eczemas can be closely analyzed in their particular causes through skin testing and other laboratory methods. Specific diagnostics frequently open the door to the alleviation of clinical cure. Taking care of these conditions is a special aim of our work.


Surgical Interventions and Laser Techniques
The Head of the Clinic Prof.Dr.Dr.Christoph Geilen has ampled experiences in Dermatosurgery. Using minimal invasive techniques most benign and malignant conditions may be painlessly removed. Carefully selected medical procedures with lasers are used for treating pigmented spots, dilated small blood vessels, angiomas, viral warts and also types of tattoos. Our aim is to enable patients to return to their private and professional life as soon as possible.


Medical Cosmetics
Cosmetic procedures applied in our Clinic include various approaches supportive for treatment of lesions of acne, rosacea and other inflammatory and cosmetically impairing disorders of the skin. Deep cleansing sessions, lymphatic drainage in cases with facial oedema, and masks containing active ingredients are applied in selected cases by our experienced personnel, in order to support the healing processes. Our medical cosmetician is often involved in the medical consultation by the physician, supervising together the overall course, also considering new therapeutic strategies and suitable medications.